Martin Scorsese shared this thought after seeing Dial 'M' for Murder for the first time: “At the time what seemed like a really good Hitchcock picture suddenly became, I think, a great one.”

In the only Hitchcock movie ever shot in 3D, quintessential cool blonde Grace Kelly stars as a society woman for whom jealous husband Ray Milland arranges the perfect murder. But thanks to a well-placed pair of scissors, the tables are turned, and Milland’s carefully laid plans begin to disintegrate.

Warner Bros’ meticulous new digital restoration vividly brings out Dial M’s colour and stereoscopic photography as never before… Hitchcock said of 3D, ‘It’s a nine-day wonder, and I came in on the ninth day.’

For this current release, a 4K scan was made of the original camera negative, along with a full restoration of the two ‘eyes’ in perfect alignment.” — Film Forum, New York


“Launched in late 1952, Hollywood’s comically brief 3D experiment peaked the following summer. The craze was long over by the time Alfred Hitchcock finished his contribution to the cycle, ‘Dial M for Murder’, and the movie was released flat. A pity because, as now can be seen in this stunning rerelease, Dial M for Murder was by far the most visually compelling of studio stereoscopic movies.”