A Room of My Own

Directed by Ioseb 'Soso' Bliadze
Saturday, 12 November 22 - 12:00pm
@ Queen's Film Theatre
Too Late!

It's a funny place to find liberation: a cramped apartment in Tbilisi, shared with a prickly stranger during a pandemic. And yet this is how it happens for Tina, the lost young woman who moves in with outgoing, cynical Megi only, Tina believes, until she and her boyfriend get a place together.

Ioseb Bliadze's second film, co-written with terrific lead actress Taki Mumladze, is singular in many ways: in its effortless performances, and in the refreshingly casual treatment of its coronavirus-era setting. But especially, watch how delicately it unpicks the workings of patriarchal Georgian society, keeping our eyes on the warm, vibrantly alive characters almost as misdirection in a magic trick that allows Tina eventually to loosen, if not quite wriggle free from her chains of dependence

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Saturday, 12 November 2022 - 12:00pm @ Queen's Film Theatre