Channel 4 at 40

Saturday, 12 November 22 - 11:30am
@ Queen's University Film Studio
Too Late!


Channel 4, Northern Ireland, and the Long 1980s.

QFT & the QUB Film Studio (both 20 University Square)

To coincide with the Channel 4: 40 Years of Revolution season at the BFI, this symposium combines screenings with discussion to explore the role of Channel 4 in supporting community-based and socially committed film production in Northern Ireland during its early years. In addition to the screenings, illustrated talks, personal reflections, and discussion we will also consider issues such as levels of editorial and political control, funding and distribution structures, audience responses and controversies, experiences of Irish communities in Britain at this time, and impact of changes within Channel 4 to community filmmaking collectives in Northern Ireland. Confirmed participants include: Anne Crilly (director of Mother Ireland,1988), and Rod Stoneman (former commissioning editor Channel 4 Independent Film and Video Department).

Alongside this symposium, Belfast Film Festival is screening two films. Please book separately.

12th November 10:30am @QFT,MOTHER IRELAND, Anne Crilly, 1988, 52mins

Made by the Derry Film & Video workshop as part of C4’s initiative to support collective filmmaking around the UK, the film was indefinitely shelved by the broadcaster when one of the participants, Mairead Farrell, was killed by the SAS in Gibraltar shortly after the film’s completion. It has become a teaching point on censorship ever since, which glosses over the film’s remarkable ability to reflect prominent Republican women’s nuanced feelings on ‘Mother Ireland’, the symbol of Irish Nationalism personified as a woman.

10th November 7:00pm @The Beanbag Cinema, IRELAND: THE SILENT VOICES, Rod Stoneman, 1983

Shown on The Eleventh Hour, this film, one of a three-part documentary, analyses British and international media coverage of the conflict in Northern Ireland, and representations of the Troubles. Made by Rod Stoneman, former deputy editor of independent film and video for Channel 4.


Saturday, 12 November 2022 - 11:30am @ Queen's University Film Studio