Cinenova: The Work We Share

Wednesday, 9 November 22 - 7:00pm
@ Beanbag Cinema
Too Late!

Cinenova presents The Work We Share: a national public programme of recently digitised films from the Cinenova collection addressing representations of gender, race, sexuality, health and community.

The films are captioned by Collective Text, and supported by response commissions from contemporary artists and writers. The Work We Share gathers a number of films which previously existed in precarious conditions; in some cases, with negatives being lost or distribution film prints being the only copy. This programme intends to acknowledge our interdependency: from organisation, to filmmakers, cultural workers, communities, and individuals.

Back Inside Herself, S. Pearl Sharp (USA, 1984, 4 mins)

Pearl’s first film, it is a lyrical visual poem that urges Black women to reject images placed on them by others, and to discover and invent their own identities. Features Barbara-O.

Now Pretend, L.Franklin Gilliam (USA, 1991, 10 mins)

Now Pretend is an experimental investigation into the use of race as an arbitrary signifier. Drawing upon language, personal memories and the 1959 text, Black Like Me, it deals with Lacan’s “mirror stage” theory of self perception and the movement from object to subject.

Loss of Heat, Noski Deville (UK, 1994, 20 mins)

The film is an evocative portrayal of queer love that challenges preconceived notions on the ‘reality’ of living with the invisible disability of epilepsy. It is a poetic, immersive interpretation exploring the interplay of the emotional and the physical, across boundaries of sexuality, dependence and desire.

A Question of Choice, Sheffield Film Co-op (UK, 1982, 18 mins)

A documentary portrait of two cleaners, a dinner lady and a lollipop lady drawn in terms of the limited choices available to women with family commitments.

Women of the Rhondda, Esther Ronay, Mary Kelly, Mary Capps, Humphrey Trevelyan, Margaret Dickinson, Brigid Seagrave and Susan Shapiro (UK, 1973, 20 mins)

Women of the Rhondda turns much needed attention to the role played by women in the grueling WelshMiners’ Strikes of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Cinenova is a volunteer-run charity preserving and distributing the work of feminist film and video makers. For more information on this collection and the work commissioned in response, visit


Wednesday, 9 November 2022 - 7:00pm @ Beanbag Cinema