Directed by Jerzy Skolimowski
Poland, Italy2022
Tuesday, 8 November 22 - 9:00pm
@ Cineworld
Too Late!

When veteran Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski took to the Cannes stage to accept his Jury Prize for EO he began with "I would like to thank my donkeys," before solemnly namechecking all six of the animals who together portrayed the title character of his wonderfully uncategorisable riff on Robert Bresson's classic Au Hasard Balthasar.

It's a storied journey, filled with humor and sadness, told from the stoic, innocent perspective of Eo (pronounced ay-oh, much like a donkey's bray) after he's separated from his heartbroken circus-performer owner. He meets friends and foes (and even a cameoing countess played by Isabelle Huppert) along the way, as we're worked into a state of something like blissful communion with the animal world. Though, looking through Eo's soft, uncomprehending eyes, we humans are the animals, rife with potential for kindness and cruelty.


Tuesday, 8 November 2022 - 9:00pm @ Cineworld