For a Fistful of Fries

Directed by Yves Hinant, Jean Libon
Thursday, 10 November 22 - 8:00pm
@ Strand Arts Centre
Too Late!

Seldom can the true-crime documentary sustain the pacing and plotting of a thriller, and practically never can it do it with the humanism and character comedy of A Fistful of Fries, aka Poulet Frites.

This fantastically offbeat film uses footage shot twenty years ago during the investigation into the murder of occasional sex worker Kalima Sissou, but what unfolds is less a salacious exposé than a meticulous, mischievous procedural in which the rumpled, Elliott Gould-meets-David Starsky figure of Inspector Lemoine becomes the dogged, droll face of a dedicated but overworked and under-resourced Brussels murder squad. Taking its title from a key clue that will either further inculpate or exculpate the chief suspect, the victim's nervy on-off boyfriend whose chief line of defence is "if I had killed her, surely I'd remember it" this is true crime at its most criminally enjoyable.


Thursday, 10 November 2022 - 8:00pm @ Strand Arts Centre