Hole in the Head

Directed by Dean Kavanagh
Friday, 4 November 22 - 4:00pm
@ Cineworld
Too Late!

Part-time projectionist and amateur filmmaker, John Kline Jnr, is mute and suffers from ‘missing time’, a dissociative disorder that affects his memory. He hires local actors to play his parents in a series of recreated home movies in order to investigate their unsolved disappearance 25 years earlier.

As they set up and act out scenes within the family home he lived in as a child, tensions build within the creative group and participants begin to ask what exactly is going on. Belfast Film Festival is delighted to welcome back Irish filmmaker, Dean Kavanagh (Animal Kingdom), with his latest feature. Hole in the Head is a darkly comic, surreal tale with a fantastic cast that uses stunning Irish landscapes and VHS formats to create an eerie sense of an enigmatic man’s desire to reconstruct and control his past.


Friday, 4 November 2022 - 4:00pm @ Cineworld