New Irish Cinema Shorts: Programme 2

Sunday, 6 November 22 - 2:15pm
@ Strand Arts Centre
Too Late!

A selection of short films showing the breadth of new filmmaking from the island of Ireland.

Programme 2 includes:

Snuff – Louise Nesbitt

A woman having an affair arrives home to find her wife making a snuff film, her leather-laden subject tied up in the middle of their living room. Written and directed by Louise Nesbitt and starring Derry Girls’ Saoirse Monica-Jackson, Snuff is a dark comedy which laughs in the face of good taste and probes an unconventional relationship in disrepair.

Red Lake – Shaun Dunne

This atmospheric short from director Shaun Dunne focuses on two estranged sisters returning to Red Lake, a place from their youth, to mourn their late father. As the film progresses however younger sister Jess is struck by an inescapable feeling of dread; something is wrong and there may be more secrets to Red Lake than she realises.

Lure – Dominic Curran

An alcoholic retiree goes fishing and is plagued by memories of his youth, reflections of a lifelong relationship with drinking. This visually striking short from director Dominic Curran ruminates on notions of regret and masculinity, bolstered by two nuanced performances from Shane McCaffrey and Matt Faris.

Homebird – Caleb J.Roberts

Set against the backdrop of the Northern Irish coast, Homebird explores the relationship between an emotionally reclusive father struggling to re-connect with his estranged gay son during a night at the seafront amusements. It presents an authentically heart-warming, yet complex LGBTQ+ narrative that explores the importance of family, queer affirmation and re-connection.

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Sunday, 6 November 2022 - 2:15pm @ Strand Arts Centre