Pulsos: Mexican Shorts

Monday, 7 November 22 - 7:00pm
@ Beanbag Cinema
Too Late!

BFF and Ambulante present Pulsos – a series of Mexican short films with director presentations and post-screening discussion.

Following our successful online collaboration at Docs Ireland 2021, BFF is thrilled to team back up with Ambulante – Mexico’s farthest-reaching documentary festival – for a special presentation of Pulsos: their 2022 shorts programme screening for the first time in the UK.

Five short films paint a vivid picture of modern-day Mexico, forging connections between the rich variety of cultures, experiences and people at the heart of this unique country.

The event will feature recorded filmmaker presentations and a live discussion with Dr Sarah Bowskill, Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies at Queen’s University Belfast.

Hacia la niebla / Towards the Mist (2021) dir. Ricardo del Conde, 18’
As the pandemic takes hold, a filmmaker documents his self-isolation in Quebec.

Piedra / Stone (2021) dir. Salvador Martínez, 15’
Spanish, Otomi
Stonemasons reflect on the intricacies of their craft and the earth’s power to heal.

Entre ellas / Between Them (2020) dir. Roxane Florin, 23’
Amid the spinning cycles of a Mexico City laundrette, women from different walks of life find a safe space to share memories.

Boca de Culebra / Snake’s Mouth (2020) dir. Adriana Otero Puerto, 15’
Maya, Maya sign language
Tradition is preserved through a distinct form of communication in the Maya village of Chi' Kaan.

La fuga / The Fugue (2021) dir. Kani Lapuerta, 18’
Eight prisoners explore their masculinity and vulnerability in a group theatre workshop.


Monday, 7 November 2022 - 7:00pm @ Beanbag Cinema