Secret Life of a Film Critic

Tuesday, 8 November 22 - 6:00pm
@ Queen's Film Theatre
Too Late!
Thirty years of queues, boos and previews.

Belfast filmmaker and film critic Brian Henry Martin began reviewing movies in 1992 and this year celebrates this epic landmark with a special illustrated talk, taking patrons behind the curtain of criticism to reveal trade secrets and favourite film clips.

Cinematic mysteries explored include, the food which has been the essential cinema snack for thousands of years, the screening where subtitles were considered more distressing than death and how the modern world was born by Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast.

Patrons will also be asked to play along by naming not only their best film of the last thirty years but also the life lessons they have learned from cinema.


Tuesday, 8 November 2022 - 6:00pm @ Queen's Film Theatre