Shorts Competition Programme 2

Saturday, 5 November 22 - 11:30am
@ Queen's Film Theatre
Too Late!

The Belfast Film Festival is proud to support the medium of short film, and this annual competition is made up of early-to-mid career and established filmmakers from the island of Ireland.

Our festival selection team has the difficult task of choosing from a high number of submissions that grows in both number and quality every year.

PROGRAMME 2 Includes:

Empty Little People –Josh O’Caoimh, Mikai Geronimo

Empty Little People is a dark fairy tale, strikingly animated with a nightmarish palette and narrated liked a twisted lullaby. It follows a horde of ‘empty little people’ whose insatiable thirst for tea leads them perilously towards the jaws of doom.

The Radio –Laura Kavanagh

An elderly widower depends on his radio to keep a foothold in his routine. When it breaks, his daughter is forced to pay more attention to her isolated father.

Foxglove – Michael-David McKernan

A young woman returns to the island where grew up, after many years abroad. She’s beckoned home to face the demons of her past and the crux of her unresolved pain, her relationship with her father. Foxglove is a story about healing, music and the transformative nature of forgiveness.

Shea and Hannah – Dean Conway

Shea and Hannah takes place the morning after a night out and focuses on the conversation between two young people as they ruminate on life and relationships. This sensitive and understated short is made by the performances and chemistry of lead actors Erin Coghlan and Nathan Quinn-O’Rawe who capture both the intimacy and awkwardness of a one-night stand.


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Saturday, 5 November 2022 - 11:30am @ Queen's Film Theatre