Shorts Competition Programme 3

Saturday, 5 November 22 - 1:00pm
@ Queen's Film Theatre
Too Late!

The Belfast Film Festival is proud to support the medium of short film, and this annual competition is made up of early-to-mid career and established filmmakers from the island of Ireland. Our festival selection team has the difficult task of choosing from a high number of submissions that grows in both number and quality every year.

PROGRAMME 3 includes:

Sour Milk –Mark Keane

This tight and impactful snapshot of a teenage relationship is brimming with tension and chemistry. Director Mark Keane captures a dynamic that feels truthful and nuanced, leading to a visceral and unsettling climax.

Flotsam & Jetsam –Felix Surplus

Flotsam & Jetsam is a stop-motion animation set on a far future Earth, frozen over and lost to civilization. It follows a lone robot on a journey in search of sanctuary, and to find out if it is truly the last of its kind. Strikingly hand-crafted, and rich in detail and atmosphere, Flotsam & Jetsam charts an odyssey of loneliness and wonder.

Safe as Houses –Mia Mullarkey

Aggie, a woman with Down’s syndrome living on a council estate, tries to be kind to young and neglected Lucy, only for the situation to spiral out of control. Safe as Houses is brimming with personality, featuring a lively score and warm cinematography, director Mia Mullarkey treats a complex story with nuance and humour.

Saudade –Eimear Young

This experimental short explores the complexities of the human mind through a range of filmmaking styles, capturing fragmented memories and a longing for the past that shapes present identity.

Both of Us – Dominic O’Neill

Both of Us follows a woman returning to her childhood home and unearthing her haunted past, atmospherically portrayed through a striking use of VHS. Director Dominic O’Neill visualises the creeping fear of confronting one’s past in an effective and haunting way, recalling to mind the distinct aura of dread of classic British horror films.

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Saturday, 5 November 2022 - 1:00pm @ Queen's Film Theatre