The Cry of Granuaile

Directed by Donal Foreman
Saturday, 12 November 22 - 4:00pm
@ Cineworld
Too Late!

A grieving American filmmaker (Dale Dickey) and her Irish assistant (Judith Roddy) tour the west of Ireland, researching a film about Granuaile, the legendary 16th-century rebel and ‘pirate queen’.

The women develop an uneasy intimacy as they journey towards a remote Atlantic island, where boundaries begin to blur between past and present, myth and history, dream and reality, presenting a wide-eyed American beguiled by Ireland. Filmed on granular 16mm with a swoony orchestral score, the film is playful but assured in its homage to an earlier cinema aesthetic while the film’s locations provide a majestic backdrop to the action. The Cry of Granuaile is a confident yet humble, genre-defying blend of psychodrama and fantasy from the director of the award-winning, The Image You Missed.


Saturday, 12 November 2022 - 4:00pm @ Cineworld