Directed by Cyril Schäublin
Sunday, 6 November 22 - 6:00pm
@ Queen's Film Theatre
Too Late!

In a blazingly original second film guaranteed to be unlike anything else you'll see this year director Cyril Schäublin tells the sort-of-true story of a kind-of-historical incident in the life of 19th-century Russian anarchist Pyotyr Kroptokin.

In a sleepy, oddball watchmaking village in Switzerland, whose four time zones mean you're bound to be late for work no matter how early you set out, the young idealist finds a rural community quietly abuzz with polite, soft-spoken political ferment, much of it led by working women. Shot with strikingly offbeat framing, in airy takes featuring many a hat clutched to many a head against the wind, Unrest takes a cue from its themes and mounts a playful but totally committed anarchist revolution against the staid traditions of the historical drama.
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Sunday, 6 November 2022 - 6:00pm @ Queen's Film Theatre