You Have to Come and See It

Directed by Jonas Trueba
Saturday, 5 November 22 - 2:00pm
@ Odeon Victoria Square
Too Late!

Many a gargantuan film epic has laboured, over many hours, in pursuit of half the wisdom and truth on the human condition that Spanish director Jonas Trueba packs into just 63 minutes in his delightful character comedy You Have to Come and See It.

At once feather-light and searchingly profound, and split into two seasonally opposite acts, the film traces the friendship between two couples as their lives diverge spiritually and geographically — while also quietly celebrating the food, books and ping-pong matches that keep them together. Switching from Madrid cafe society to the ease and breeze of country life, it goes down as easily and satisfyingly as chilled sangria: a film for anyone who has ever feared losing the people who remind them of their best selves, and one to be discussed with your dearest friends, over several drinks, afterwards.


Saturday, 5 November 2022 - 2:00pm @ Odeon Victoria Square