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November 2020


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Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery

An escaped buffalo stirs up a frenzy of aggression in a small rural Indian village. Get ready to be gored by cinema’s horns, trampled under a stampede of deliciously grotesque, fleshy imagery and tossed aloft on a buffalo-snort of bravado because Lijo Jose Pellissery’s utterly bonkers “Jallikattu” is here to pummel you into submission.

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Directed by Christopher Thies

Concluding our lovingly curated season of films that rhyme with the word yeast is Christopher Thies' 1992 blue collar horror rip in the space-time continuum, Winterbeast.

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8:00pm £3

Wild Beasts

Directed by Franco Prosperi

Continuing our handpicked season of films with the letter B in the title, we present the very culmination of over 3.5 billion years of animal evolution on planet earth, WILD BEASTS.

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8:00pm £3