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1 – 9 April 2020


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Napoleon’s Nose

Directed by David Hammond

The poet Tom Paulin presents his perspective of the places in and around North Belfast, where he spent his formative years, looking back on Belfast’s radical past.

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The Nose
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Too Late

A Love Divided

Directed by Sydney Macartney

  • UK
  • 1999
  • 98 mins

Based on a true story, A Love Divided chronicles the aftermath of Sheila’s Orla Bray pledge to send her children to Catholic school

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We Were There

Directed by Laura Aguiar and Cahal McLaughlin

  • Northern Ireland
  • 2014
  • 61 mins

‘We Were There’ features the unique experiences of women in the predominantly male world of the Maze/long Kesh Prison during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

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Votes For Women

Directed by Keith O’Grady

  • Ireland
  • 2014
  • 53 mins

The story of how Irishwomen obtained the vote is a story of organisation and bravery in the face of ignorance, indifference and hostility. In this decade of political anniversaries in Ireland it provides a very different understanding of Home Rule, World War I and the Irish revolutionary period.

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Made In LA

Directed by Almudena Carracedo

Almudena Carracedo’s documentary relates a rousing true story of solidarity, perseverance and triumph, deftly interweaving legal battles, national boycotts, group dynamics and individual empowerment, offering a personalized history lesson in class struggle.

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Directed by Kenneth Branagh

To coincide with The Music of Patrick Doyle from the Films of Sir Kenneth Branagh concert we have a special screening of Branagh's Hamlet.

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