It’s 2019 and the world has been reduced to a wasteland populated by mutants.

A mercenary is dispatched to the ruins of New York to try and save the last fertile woman on earth. A thoroughly engaging post-apocalyptic delight.

One of many thousands of Italian Road Warrior/Escape From New York rip-offs, After the Fall stands out by being not only hellishly entertaining, but for featuring a character named “Big Ape.” The “Pan American Confederacy” is hot to breed up a new batch of citizens. Black-clad “Eurac” soldiers on horseback battle survivors in an attempt to round up subjects for experimentation.



Fast-paced, bloody, and lovably weird, Martino’s film is a great time from start to finish. You know you’re in for something special when Sopkiw is introduced in a futuristic auto demolition derby in the desert with the winner annointed by a chattering cyborg clown with a big glowing eyeball on its head who presents him with a deep-voiced sex worker named Flower because, well, why not?