Candid interviews and unseen footage make up this riveting and rare documentary on the visionary 20th century musician and songwriter, Scott Walker.

Significantly, it charts the musician’s path from sixties American pop star to London-based avant garde composer-performer and features a range of contributions from musical figures such as David Bowie and Damon Albarn.

The film tells the tale of this well-loved visionary artist whose work continues to resonate and inspire younger generations of musicians and artists alike. The screening comes shortly after Walker’s death earlier this year.

Screened as part of Mixtape, a music film season collaboration between Oh Yeah Music Centre and Feature on the first Wednesday of every month.


There’s an undeniable rock-nerd edge here, as one talking head after another showers praise on the man… Nothing, however, is nearly as weird as a clip of Walker performing Jacques Brel on The Frankie Howerd Show.