76 Days - a look into the first few months of life in Wuhan, China when COVID-19 was initially discovered.

Raw and intimate, this documentary captures the struggles of patients and frontline medical professionals battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Its beauty and skill lie in the way the film focuses on its characters, and the differing ways the virus has invaded their lives.

We see the parents separated from their newborn child, and we get to know an old man, a lifelong Communist Party member, who is ordered to be a ‘model’ patient, but doesn’t stop trying to escape his hospital bed.

“My intention is for viewers to focus more on how around the world we’re dealing with COVID similarly, rather than differently. My film aims to focus our energy on how we can all endure and survive the pandemic and come back stronger.” Director Hao Wu.

“As a study of healthcare professionals under intolerable pressure … this is a very good film.” Guardian. 


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