Refugees Welcome NI with support from Belfast Film Festival is hosting a special morning documentary screening of 8 Borders, 8 Days. We'll host a discussion afterward to explore some of the themes and there are rumours that complementary scoops of Ben and Jerry's ice cream will be served!


8 Borders, 8 Days by Amanda Bailly follows a mother called Sham, as she takes her children from Syria across Europe to find a place of safety. It is a deeply touching and very personal story and helps us understand a little more what some people face in their search for safety.

This event is part of the Together4Refugees campaign involving Ben & Jerry’s teaming up with the International Rescue Committee to call on support for a historic piece of legislation to help refugees be resettled safely in Europe. The landmark legislation, currently being discussed by our representatives in the European Union, could provide safe and legal routes for some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees to find safety and rebuild their lives. One email from you can make all the difference! You can find out more and get involved at

The film screening is also part of Refugee Action and Jo Cox Loneliness – Start a Conversation campaign.

Director’s Note:

I first saw Sham’s bravery in action the day I arrived in Lesbos, Greece, in September 2015. We were outside of a sports stadium among Greek riot police and more than 10,000 refugees who had rushed to the scene to obtain government permits that would allow them to continue the journey to mainland Europe. Sham approached a baton-wielding officer and demanded he make a separate line for women and children away from the men, and he did.

This fearlessness is what drew me to Sham. I had flown to Lesbos with the intention of filming a short video about the conditions on the island, but I was so moved by her strength in spite of the circumstances that I couldn’t walk away. I saw a woman thriving at a time when everyone around her was helpless. I was curious to know what would happen to Sham because she is the best-case scenario: resourceful and fiercely determined.

Film Credits:

CAST:Sham, Yaman, Eylan (Lulu)
CO-WRITER: Joseph Singer
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Anthony Sahyoun
EDITOR: Joseph Singer
ANIMATOR: Kalika Kharkar Sharma
SOUND: Cedric Kayem
COLOR: Belal Hibri