Even before films had sound, music was an integral part to the enjoyment of a film. Cinemas had massive organs installed and the performer would follow the action on screen with appropriate musical accents. Things have changed a little, but we take you back to those intimate days of film presentatio

This live music event sees a chronological journey through the history of film with excerpts from Hollywood’s Golden Age classics to modern greats like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Featuring special arrangements performed by the Ulster String Quartet with Rebekah McCann-Williams and hosted by film music professional Tim Burden.

Some of the highlights include:

Hollywood’s Golden Age: Now Voyager, The Wizard of Oz . Bond Themes: Nobody Does it Better, Skyfall

The Wild West: The Magnificent Seven, The Big Country

Spielberg Showpieces: Raiders March, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future

Disney Delights: Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast and Inside Out

21st Century Greats: The Lord of the Rings, Love Actually and Harry Potter