Five years in the making, this brave and level-headed documentary exposes paramilitary activity in present day Northern Ireland during a supposed time of peace.

Filmed over five years, this unflinching documentary examines violence committed by groups opposed to the peace process in Northern Ireland, long after the Troubles came to an end.

One night Majella took her teenage son Philly to be shot in both legs. Majella, Philly and his shooters all live within an extraordinary community in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Even after the Troubles this community is still at war. They do not accept the government or police. All this happens within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. How do you bring your son to be shot? What happens afterwards? How does family life continue? How does a community respond? When do wars really end?
For five years Sinéad O’Shea has filmed this shocking portrait of a post conflict society.

Executive Produced by Joshua Oppenheimer. A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot is set to Compete for F:ACT Award at CPH:Dox.
Northern Irish Premiere