“Who tolllle youuu to stop rubbin' myyyy ears” says Eric Roberts, who has somehow got himself inserted into the windpipe of a moggy in this pawsautionary tale.

A talking cat named Duffy is a ‘human whisperer’ who only is able to have one conversation with each human he meets, but he uses it to impart little spheral black balls of wisdom. Duffy gives instructions to Phil, his son Chris and a woman named Susan. The question is, can they trust this muttering meow meow?
There are positive lessons here about families spending time together, breaking from technology to reconnect, and the idea that some people are simply meant to meet and improve each other’s lives. Be aware that there is some name-calling by siblings and that a cat is hit by a car (not shown).
If you could talk to an animal for only one conversation, what animal would you talk to, and what would you ask?
From the director of such homoerotic thrillers as ‘Leather Jacket Love Story’, B’eastly Boyz’, and ‘Body Blow’.