"...Some operation of supreme importance has been going on beneath a security cover. We believe that operation is Dr Carl Gerstein's Alternative 3." Tim Brinton

This screening marks the 40th anniversary of the 20th Century’s most terrifying journalism revelation, a shocking exposé of nothing less than world govenments’ plans for the future of humanity cleverly disguised as a tv drama about a documentary exposing nothing less than world govenments’ plans for the future of humanity. So far reaching and portentous where researcher David Ambrose’s findings that he had to alert us to Earth’s destiny by encrypting it inside “Science Report”, a drama hoax using influences from disparate fragments of then current media ,including Orson Welle’s’ War Of The Worlds, Brian Walden’s current affairs show Weekend World, BBC sitcom Allo Allo and the then popular music star Brian Eno as camouflage. Tragically, Ambrose’s plan backfired – immediate suppression and diversion of the massive post-broadcast public panic diffused interest and, then after, media history and present day hipster infobesity have rendered the programme’s message just another science fiction story. Ulster Film Office urge you to watch again and reappraise this work as it was intended – as a warning to us all.

It is now time to demand the truth about ALTERNATIVE 3.