A sensitive documentary about activism for food sovereignty in Italy.

The screening is followed by a debate session with food activists and farmers, including some protagonists of the film.

With growing concerns over what we eat and how it arrives on our tables, food has moved to the centre of pressing ethical concerns. Based on a long-term anthropological research, this documentary follows the experiences of an extraordinary network of small-scale farmers in Italy determined to create an alternative food economy.

A maker of essential oils, a baker, a beekeeper and cattle breeders demonstrate how it is possible to radically reinvent how we procure what we eat. By following the protagonists in their journey towards alternative economies, the movie raises important questions not only with regard to how we produce and source food, but invites us to more profoundly rethink what we mean by transparency and what is trust.

This documentary has been realised as part of a research project on food activism in Italy financed by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and hosted by Queen’s University Belfast. Info and contact: info@peasantproject.org ; peasantproject.org