BFF’s tribute to the one true God Of The Scorched Future - Enzo G Castellari!!

Attention retronaut warriors… So, you all turned up at T13 to see Mad Max 2. You wore your funny gimp masks. You revved your bikes and you smashedup your little car with your little sledgehammer. That’s all fine, that’s a good start. But now it’s time to worship the real deal – the Mother Lode from the exploitation mine, the nine inch nail in the post-apocalypse baseball bat. Enzo G. Castellari’s The New Barabarians.

The nuclear wasteland epic of sweaty muscle, gritty eyeliner, Goblin-lite soundtrack and ill-modified vehicles.

Twinned with the other greatest and latest post-apocaclassic tale of Castellariness, Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom featuring Finland’s finest end of the world cyborg laser metal stars, Nightsatan. Follow them on their quest for survival and love through the irradiated transvestite ridden desert of 2034. It’s going to be apocatastic!