On Sunday 27 September 2015, Replay Theatre Company brings the world’s first BabyDay to Belfast!

And at Festival Towers, we’re delighted to be taking part.

From 11am – 4pm, in our Beanbag Cinema, we’ll be presenting some stunning animation and visuals set to classical music, for you to enjoy while you chill or feed the little one.

With over 70 events in more than 20 venues across the city, there’ll be a real festival feel and Belfast will be one great big bundle of joy!
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Relax on a beanbag with your little one and watch some visually stunning short films set to classical music. You’re welcome to stay for as long or as little a time as you like.

Some of the films we’ll be screening include work by Oskar Fischinger, Bruno Bozzetto and others.

Allegro Non Troppo 

Directed by Bruno Bozzetto

Italy’s response to the Disney classical music/animation hybrid “Fantasia,” this film features a series of cartoon shorts set to the likes of Claude Debussy, Joseph-Maurice Ravel and Antonio Vivaldi. The animated segments feature both the humorous and fantastical: an aged satyr attempts to regain its lost youth, a bee is interrupted mid-meal. In between cartoons, a filmmaker (Maurizio Nichetti) struggles to complete the film.


*BabyDay is one of seven Creative Belfast projects funded by Belfast City Council and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the Creative and Cultural Belfast Fund. Replay’s key community partners for BabyDay are the Belfast Childcare Partnership and the East Belfast Early Years Network.*