Throughout the month of November we will be showcasing BBCNI Two Minute Masterpiece Series 1 - 5.

Two Minute Masterpiece is an initiative run by BBC Arts and Northern Ireland Screen and offers emerging filmmakers in Northern Ireland the chance to have their voices heard.

We are delighted to be able to present this work as part of our November programme of events. For more information on Two Minute Masterpiece visit the website here.

Here is Series 5 from 2020. Just press play above and enjoy!

  • The Draught

One of six short animated films commissioned by Two Minute Masterpiece – The Draught is Conor McKelvey’s satirical homage to the horror genre and rural Northern Irish life.

  • World’s Apart

In Worlds Apart one of six short animated films commissioned by Two Minute Masterpiece Dermott Burns explores loneliness and isolation in today’s society.

  • Lockdown Blues

This short animation by filmmakers John Clerkin and Anne Harrison is one of six animated shorts commissioned by Two Minute Masterpiece and follows Pat, a retired woman living alone as lockdown hits.

  • It Takes Two To Tango

An homage to the musicals of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Simon Riley’s short animation film It Takes Two to Tango celebrates a chance encounter between two of an empty tube stations residents.

  • No More Dead Friends

Laura Robinson’s short animated film No More Dead Friends is one of six Two Minute Masterpiece films commissioned from emerging Northern Irish based animators. This film is an intimate portrayal of grief after the loss of a friend.

  • Rawr

In Rawr, Sorcha McGlinchey’s short film, commissioned as one of six animations by Two Minute Masterpiece, one little girl is faced with a major disappointment during lockdown.