Fancy yourself as a buff of movieness?

Then take the ultimate film test; the Belfast Film Festival Quiz hosted by our resident film aficionado Brian Henry Martin. Brian will grill your cinematic head plate on the hot embers of burning Nitrocellulose film.

Test your knowledge on all things cinematic with a barrage of film clips, a soundtracks round and a special ‘name the film stock round’, Can you tell the difference between ‘8 Eastmancolor Negative’ and ‘Ektachrome (Type A)’ ?*

So get your team together, make sure they know their Rick Blaine from their John Wayne, and let the games begin.

Teams can be only half a dirty dozen in size – and there will be prizes for finishing first, last and the best piece of movie memorabilia brought on the night.

*Please note: this round may not happen if the film stock degrades before 30th March.