During the 2019 Belfast Film Festival we will feature virtual reality (VR), showing extraordinary works over six days; works that demonstrate the current capability of immersive technology in the hands of pioneering designers, both locally and internationally.

How do you experience VR at the Belfast Film Festival? Simply make a booking online for a 1 hour session. On arrival you can select the content you want to see. Visit the Barracks Theatre which we have converted into a VR studio with comfortable seating to experience the films.

Booking is a £5 per session. Donation covers cost of technician and venue.

In this animated movie, Crow is the most admired animal in the forest with his magnificent colors and beautiful voice. But when the very first winter arrives, can Crow make the personal sacrifices needed to save his friends?

Official selection of Cannes Le Marché du Film and Venice International Film Festival. Starring John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians), Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One) and Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

At a dinner party in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill reveal the true story behind their baffling claims of a UFO abduction. When the Hills were not able to remember and reconcile the details of the inexplicable event, they sought hypnosis. At a dinner party they played their recorded hypnosis to their friends, revealing radically different accounts of the abduction.

Strap into a rocket ship and blast off into space in this groundbreaking recreation of the 1965 Voskhod-2 rocket launch.

Warning: Mature audiences only. Contains graphic imagery and language.
At a creepy hotel on a cold winter night, a couple stops to rest. But something is amiss.

This 13-minute immersive documentary explores the psyche, and post-prison life of Rickey Jackson, who was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1975 and served 39 years in prison until the Ohio Innocence Project helped exonerate him in 2014.

The film whisks viewers to the remote Island nation of Kiribati, which is located in the central Pacific Ocran and has a population of just over 110,00 native people called the Gilbertese. The island is gorgeous, with white sand beaches, thatched huts and pristine wates. It is also in immediate danger of being swallowed by the sea due to a swiftly rising ocean.

Based on the Oscar short-listed Participant Media documentary Zero Days, Scatter’s award-winning, immersive documentary Zero Days VR visualizes the story of Stuxnet in a new way: placing you inside the invisible world of computer viruses, experiencing the high stakes of cyber warfare at a human scale.

Zero Days VR explores the next chapter of modern warfare through the true story of Stuxnet: the first cyber weapon in the world known to cause real-world physical damage.