Talk by Mark Cousins and David Holmes on the making of their new film

I am Belfast is a unique film about a 10,000 year old woman who is the city. It is written and directed by Belfast-raised filmmaker Mark Cousins. It’s score is by the great David Holmes. The music is being written as the film is shot, sot he result is a real collaboration. The film is produced by Canderblinks Film and Music, the people behind ‘Good Vibrations’, and Hopscotch Films, which produced Mark’s 15 hour ‘The Story Of Film’ An Odyssey’.

Mark and David will show 10-15 minutes of the film, this will be the first time any of ‘I am Belfast’ has been screened in the world. Mark and David will talk about how it is being made, its themes and innovative style.

Mark Cousins is a filmmaker, author, curator and wanderer. His films – The Story Of Film, The First Movie, A Story Of Children and Film, What is this Film Called Love? And Here Be Dragons – have played at Cannes, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and around the world.

He co-directed five experimental film festivals with Tilda Swinton, and is Honorary Professor of Film at the University of Glasgow. He was given the Stanley Kubrick Award by Michael Moore at the Traverse City Film Festival.

David Holmes is a Belfast born DJ & producer. In his varied professional life, he has produced five of his own albums and fifteen film soundtracks.

In recent years David’s work for film has flourished, including ‘Out of Sight’, ‘Oceans 11’, ‘Code 46’, ‘Hunger’ (Best Score in the Irish Film and Television Awards 2009), ‘Five Minutes of Heaven’ and ‘Haywire’. David also wrote and produced two Apple iphone ads – the first featuring Robert Downey Jr and directed by David Fincher.