"Evil can not create - it can only repeat"

But no way is this just another Italian knock-off of a successful Hollywood horror film. This is THE Italian knock off of a successful Hollywood horror film.

The original is, of course, THE EXORCIST but BEYOND THE DOOR clocks at exactly six hundred and sixty six times as entertaining as the overblown, self important wank of it’s preaching, po faced progenitor. Ovidio G Assonitis’s simultaneously knowing and unknowing, mongoose-mad tale of the demon possessed wife of a tweed jacketed New York funk record producer and her accelerated pregnancy from impregnation by The Devil Himself! is 109 minutes of certified world wide weird.

A sizeable international hit on release, Hollywood ended up copying the copy of itself. BEYOND THE DOOR’s askew genius can be seen in later American horror hokum including THE OMEN and POLTERGEIST. Get ready for many golden and joyous moments of cosmic including rotating heads, possessed toys, vomit eating, the most quotable child acting performance in cinema history and a funk rock main theme so rousing you’ll be holding your cigarette lighters up in the theatre to the devil. Like you should.

For lovers of THE VISITOR and Campbell’s pea soup everywhere.