This year’s short film competition line-up is once again an exciting mix of newcomers and more established filmmakers.


This Colin Bateman short-story is the tale of a woman who has an encounter with a mysterious writer in a hotel bar. As he begins to recount another chance-meeting story and she finds herself ever drawn in …

Directors: Steven Benson and Wayne Benson
Duration: 12mins



In 1991, Cat O’Neill testifies in a domestic abuse court hearing. Case parties: Mum and Dad.
Director: Kamila Dydyna

Duration: 9mins


While serving a prison sentence for assault, Eric Boylan began channel- ling his anger and frustration into one of his childhood passions: painting. Director: Nathan Fagan, Deirdre Mullins

Duration: 10mins



A crime thriller that follows a trio of kidnappers who are faced with an un- expected dilemma when their wealthy victim calls their bluff.

Director: Chris Baugh Duration: 16mins



A young priest is sent to battle dark supernatural forces threatening a remote Island community. Director: Brian Deane

Duration: 15mins


A young homeless man finds unlikely companionship in an unwanted dog while slumming it on the streets of Dublin.

Director: Jeda de Bri Duration: 10mins



An experimental documentary explores one, of the many, abandoned buildings dotted across Ireland. Chosen for its time capsule beauty, the place explored reveals a universal story of family, loneliness and belong- ing. Found audio recorded by the owner is interwoven to the narrative. Director: Gillian Callan
Duration: 9mins


Patrick (John Connors), is a bare knuckle fighting Traveller who becomes increasingly concerned with his young son Francie’s femininity. How far can Patrick go to defend his family name when the one threaten- ing his legacy is his own son. Director: James Doherty

Duration: 14mins


Two people meet on a bench of an early morning, both carrying inde- pendent secrets.
Director: Lochlainn McKenna Duration: 11mins


Faye, a scientist blaming herself for the disappearance of her young sister 25 years before, builds a time machine to discover what happened. She is unready for the horrible truth. Director: John Carlin
Duration: 14mins