This is your chance to see 17 of the best short documentaries made in Ireland over the last year.

Often caught between places to screen, a short non-fiction film has far less opportunities to be seen in a cinema environment, especially if made independently, and we hope to address that with this event.

A Little Bit Strange, Dir: Ciara Scullion, 18mins, NI
Through interviews, performance and abstracted images this film explores the relationship between mental illness and creativity by documenting one person’s account of living with bipolar.

Boat Builders, Dir: Aaron Guthrie, 17mins, NI
A new work interweaving music, archival footage and interviews with those who worked in Belfast’s Ship- yards.

Faraway Land, Dir: Deidre O’Toole, 5mins, ROI
An intimate story of a woman’s ex- perience with near-drowning.

Hum, Dir: Nathan Fagan, 19mins, ROI
Hum is an intimate portrait of artist and singer-songwriter, diagnosed at 19 years old with schizoaffective disorder. Documenting both the day-to-day challenges of living with mental illness and the fascinating relationship between Kevin’s condition and his art, Hum delves into the truly unique and theatrical world of Kevin Nolan.

The Rogue, Dir: Arjen Sinninghe Damsté, 15mins, ROI
In 1983 a wild bottlenose dolphin named Fungie settled down in the bay of Dingle, a town at the Atlantic in Ireland’s southwest. Over the years the dolphin built up a special bond with a number of residents of Dingle, giving hope, faith and stability to those who live beside him. As Fungie is getting older, gradually the question arises, how will life be without him…

Nomad, Dir: Zoe Tweedy, 14mins, ROI
Far from the ‘continental circus’ of 60s Grand Prix motorcycle racing, nestled in the harsh Canadian countryside, retired rider and trans- gendered woman, Michelle Duff, reflects upon the definitive, forking- path moments of her life.

Ancient Oak, Dir: Daniel Balteanu, 8mins, ROI
This is the story of Conor Lane, a professional bog oak sculptor in County Kildare, Ireland, the inspiration he gets from the bog, and the connection he has with bog oak. It also offers a glimpse of the transformation that bog oak undergoes: from a raw piece of ancient oak taken from the Irish soil to a beautifully finished sculpture piece.

Seekers, Dir. Rob Thompson, 20mins, NI
Northern Ireland is typically associated with Catholicism and Protestantism. But this intimate documentary looks at a several individuals who have moved away from their traditional backgrounds to embrace more unconventional spiritual practices.

Of My Kin, Dir: Joe McStravick, 14mins, NI.
A group of people, who suffer from a range of mental illnesses, gather together, to work together so that they can heal together.

Inhale, Dir: Sean Mullan, 16 mins, NI
Through horses, a man feels an irrepressible duty to move in harmony with his pain. A film exploring the infinite momentum of life via an energy never destroyed, only transformed.

The Reek, Dir: Jamie McGoldrick, 6mins, ROI
Croagh Patrick, also known as “The Reek” is Ireland’s holiest mountain, it has had symbolic importance in Christian and pre-Christian times alike. This short documentary paints a portrait of the mountain and those that visit it.

Throwline, Dir: Mia Mullarkey, 14mins, ROI
A group of taxi drivers in Kilkenny, Ireland, join together to form a suicide prevention group. Uniquely positioned to patrol the night, the drivers keep vigil over the city’s streets and offer help to those who feel forlorn.

Tit For Tatt, Dir: Mairéad Ní Thréinir, 20mins, ROI
Tit for Tatt follows the experiences of two breast cancer survivors who were inspired to mark their battles by getting tattoos on their surgery scars.

‘Yeooooo!!’ – 72 Hours in Belfast’s Holylands, Dir: Dominic Coyle, 22mins, NI
Filmed in Belfast’s infamous student area known as ‘the Holylands’, this observational documentary follows students as they celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Meanwhile, the area’s long-term residents try and adapt to living in the middle of this huge street party, which has been dubbed ‘Belfast’s answer to Mardi Gras’.

Up The Mountain, Dir: Donal Moloney, 12mins, ROI
Eddie lost his wife 20 years ago. A broken heart and depression followed. His love of horses and family eventually got him through the difficult times. His biggest day of the year is now ‘The Ballinasloe Horse Fair’.

This Was Told To Me, Dir: Simon Aeppli, 12mins, NI
This Was Told to Me is a personal essay film set in the once notorious ‘Bandit Country’ of South Armagh, and explores themes of memory, identity, love, loss and exile. The film combines photographs, video, text and sound materials to create a road movie that melds documentary and narrative, past and present.

Broken Lives: The Legacy Of Conflict, Dir: Sean Murray, 20mins, NI
Examining the lives of four people who have been affected by exceptional traumatic experiences. During the conflict the community of West Belfast experienced high levels of social and economic exclusion that continue to this day. Broken Lives looks at the phenomenon of transgenerational trauma and the efforts of dedicated community workers who strive to create opportunities and inspire change for a growing number of victims.