The filmmaking team behind the sublime Embrace of the Serpent addresses the origins of the Colombian drug trade.

The result is a gangster epic evoking the genre’s history and conventions, yet it is still thoroughly original and utterly beguiling. When an indigenous Wayuu family starts selling marijuana to young Americans in the 1970s, they are set on a positively Shakespearean path involving greed, passion, honour, conflicting loyalties and brutal violence.

With smart cineaste nods to Ford and Scorsese, Birds of Passage establishes Guerra and Gallego’s position as increasingly significant voices in world cinema.


Outstanding.... “Birds of Passage” is closer in tone to “Narcos” than any telenovela.... Gallego and Guerra keep the story consistently absorbing as the action plays out and the bodies pile up
A beautifully crafted, slow-burn crime saga steeped in native traditions.