In 2008, when The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) launched a homemade mortar onto a church in Bojayá, many were hiding from crossfire between the left-wing FARC and right-wing paramilitaries. Leyner Palacios survived, but 28 of his family members did not. The Bojayá massacre was one of the worst atrocities in Colombia’s 50 year-long conflict.

When peace between the government and the FARC was signed in 2016, after decades of conflict, Leyner made it his mission to ensure the peace deal was implemented to his people’s benefit, receiving a Nobel Peace Prize in the process. Capturing one victim’s incredible struggle for justice, this film follows the process of identifying the dead of Bojayá during the faltering implementation of the controversial peace accords.

Oisín Kearney is a self-shooting director. BOJAYÁ: Caught In The Crossfire is Kearney’s debut feature film.

The filmmaker will be in attendance at the screening.