Don’t believe everything you see! A team of Vatican investigators are sent to the British West Country to look into reports of paranormal activity during a Christening at a newly re-opened remote church.

Father Crellick has webcam proof of artefacts moving on the altar and other weird happenings. But two of the three-man team aren’t so sure. Deacon and Father Mark Amidon are experts in the field of faked miracles and play the footage continually looking for wires and trickery.


Elliot Goldner’s feature debut is a found-footage British horror – but don’t let that put you off. Ben Wheatley regular Robin Hill gives a brilliantly funny central performance, backed up by a wonderfully taciturn Gordon Kennedy. The format, for once, makes perfect sense, and there’s no let-up from the unsettling atmosphere, despite the frequent laughs.