A documentary film made by an all women crew about the London Irish Women’s Centre, a radical organisation in London from 1983 - 2012.

The London Irish Women’s Centre was an organisation founded in the early 80’s by some exceptional Irish women to represent and support generations of Irish women in London. What was remarkable about the women involved was their commitment to creating an alternative cultural and political space for women to be Irish.

“Breaking Ground: the story of the London Irish Women’s Centre” charts the context within which the organisation began in 1983 and it’s work over the next 29 years up until it’s closure in 2012. There are 18 interviewees in the film all representing different times, situations and perspectives on the centre. Archive footage, photographs and records of the organisation give a unique sense of this alternative Irish culture in London.

The documentary’s narrative is driven by some fantastic music produced by women, a total of 30 different music tracks in all, from 80’s folk to traditional Irish performances and contemporary electronica.