Belfast Film Festival and the Black Box present...The Black Box Backwood's Halloween Horror Marathon!!!

The Black Box will be converted into a deep woods hellhole for this special event.  There will be tents for the audience to pitch up in, beanbags, flashlights will be provided, indoor foliage and plant life. Please wear your pyjamas.

Directed by Drew Goddard, produced by Joss Whedon, and written by the both of them, this satirical horror film pokes fun at the sub-genre it’s also reinventing.
The story follows a rambunctious group of five college friends who head away for a weekend of depravity in an isolated country cabin, only to be attacked by horrific supernatural creatures (including unicorns, werewolves and zombies) in a night of endless terror and bloodshed.


The Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic poke in the eye of our horror-movie expectations.
A pulpy, deceivingly insightful send-up of horror movies that elicits just as many knowing chuckles as horrified gasps.