Matchstick Men is screening as part of an all day celebration of Nicolas Cage: A phobic con artist and his protégé are on the verge of pulling off a lucrative swindle when the former's teenage daughter arrives unexpectedly.

This underrated Ridley Scott heist thriller exhibits Cage as a neurotic con man suffering from OCD, agoraphobia and germophobia. He’s nothing short of dazzling in his performance which features a myriad of stutters, spasms, and obscure rituals, in addition to a tic that causes him to yell “pixies” when surprised. Only Nicolas Cage is capable of this level of off the wall crazy, and he succeeds with flying colors. In addition to nailing the quirky side of the character, Cage also injects a healthy dose of pathos that shines through his relationship with his partner (played by Sam Rockwell) and his young daughter (Alison Lohman).

Tickets are available for each individual film (£5) or for the all day film marathon (5 films for £14). When you book a ticket for each of the 5 films the price will automatically discount to £14 in your cart.