Calais Children: A Case to Answer is a new film revealing the desperate plight of hundreds of unaccompanied child refugees in Europe and exposing the role played by the UK government in prolonging this, against the will of Parliament.

As the Calais jungle was set to be razed in October 2016, there were over 1900 unaccompanied minors stranded there, many of whom might have a legal case to enter the UK. Would the UK accept them? And if not, what would be their fate?

Calais Children: A Case to Answer uniquely follows the young people over the months since they left the jungle. We speak to Lord Dubs, the volunteer groups, and the lawyers who are fighting their case in courts. We ask – how can we as Europeans open our hearts to some of the 85,000 lone children in Europe.

Director Sue Clayton has been producing and directing films for over 30 years. She has made a number of award- winning documentaries for UK Channel 4 and Central Television.