Fusing humor and horror, the whimsical and the macabre, Cecelia Condit tells stories that uncover dark fantasies of the subconscious beneath the surreal suburban landscape of Middle America.

Condit’s elliptical narratives, which have been termed “feminist fairy tales,” put a subversive spin on the traditional mythologies of female representation and the psychologies of sexuality and violence. In her most recent operatic narratives, Condit restages the domestic melodrama to confront the family, aging, and loss. Her film Possibly In Michigan is an operatic fairytale about cannibalism in Middle America.

A masked man stalks a woman through a shopping mall. In the end, their roles are reversed when the heroine deposits a mysterious bag at the curb. Like Condit’s other video narratives, Possibly In Michigan shows bizarre events disrupting mundane lives. Combining the commonplace with the macabre, humor with the absurd, she constructs a world of divided reality.