John Waters has referred to Christmas Evil as “the greatest Christmas movie ever made,” but odds are you’ve never even seen it.

Christmas Evil sounds like a derivative slasher, but it’s so much weirder than that. In fact, it predates ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ as the first of the “killer Santa” features, and it’s so much more disturbed.

When little Harry sees his Dad in a Santa Claus outfit, groping his mother one Christmas Eve, life changes for the quiet little boy. Thirty odd years later, you’d better watch out in this 80s horror classic from the small but perfectly formed micro- genre of Yuletide Slashers.

Because now – all grown up and disgruntled by his dead end job in a depressing toy factory – he’s making a list, checking it twice and descending into a self-created Christmas nightmare where he is Father Christmas and his judgement is final! Dressed as St. Nick, Harry is going to show his bullying co-workers and all the other naughty people what the true spirit of the season is… Run for your miserable lives, the vengeance is going to be swift and bloody!

Rating: 18