Imagine if Stanley Kubrick and Douglas Trumbull were tasked with making a 1970s educational science film about the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

A real life science fiction movie exploring a world creeping right beneath our feet, where time and space are magnified and intelligence is redefined. This creative documentary explores the work of fringe scientists and artists, and their relationship with the extraordinary plasmodial slime mould. The slime mould is being used to explore biological- inspired design, unconventional computing and robot controllers, much of which borders on the world of science fiction. With a soundtrack composed by Jim O’Rourke (Sonic Youth, Werner Herzog’s ‘Grizzly Man’) this is a unique exploration into a hitherto untapped subject matter.

Before the main feature: The Delian Mode. Kara Blakes’s experimental short documentary traces
the life and work of electronic music pioneer, Delia Derbyshire. Derbyshire had a unique and meticulous approach to audio production, which is captured in this collage of sound and image.