Anyone not interested in a slow moving 1988 Polish/Russian Science FIction Indiana-Jones-inspired Prometheus precursor with end credits written in Data 70 has no place at this info feed and should unsubscribe immediately.

Conceivably Poland’s first cinema ‘Blockbuster’, KLATWA DOLINY VEZY initially sports many of the lures of the contemporary hollywood drek it was aping – the said curse, actual locations (Vietnam), magical asian monks, unspecial (but therefore deeply special) effects,one occasionally almost naked woman, an underground temple and at least seven snakes. And then over fifty minutes of drunkenly intertwined adventure mystery routine, improbable sexual chemistry and mid Glasnost Soviet humour suddenly left turns into a satisfying borscht of Erich Von Daniken Pertwee era Dr Who Quatermass spy movieness.
Director Marek Piestrak should take pride in but also still sue heavily on the knowledge that his film is clearly the conceptual source for Ridley Scott’s pompous and irrelevent yawnathon, PROMETHEUS.

No, we can’t prove that.