A panel discussion following the screening will examine issues raised in the film.

This classic film depicts the subtle, insidious nature of alcohol addiction. It follows the downward spiral of two average Americans who succumb to alcoholism and attempt to deal with their problem.

In this addiction drama, Joe Clay (Jack Lemmon), a promising adman, meets his future wife Kirsten (Lee Remick) at a party. Once married, the pressures of his business lead Joe to seek solace in liquor. Kirsten joins him in his nocturnal drinking sessions, and before long both are confirmed alcoholics. After several frightening episodes, Joe is able to shake the habit thanks to AA, but Kirsten finds it impossible to get through the day without a drink. The two split up, although Joe clings to the hope that someday he and Kirsten will be reunited, if for no reason other than the sake of their young daughter.

J.P. Miller adapted the screenplay from his own 1958 Playhouse television script. Though nominated in several categories, Days of Wine and Roses won only the Best Song Oscar for Henry Mancini’s title tune.