With no apology whatsoever we present DEADLY PREY, inadvertent poster-boy for the pernicious film-which-is-so-bad-that-it-is-in-fact-good mentality symptomatic of the First World's virulent and seemingly unstoppable pulp junkie irony hound sickness.

Apparently DEADLY PREY is “so bad… that it’s good!!!” so come on down wearing your VHS referencing t shirt and guffaw self consciously at the efforts of David Prior, his denim shorts brandishing brother Ted and beloved Z list denizen Cameron Mitchell (he of our preceding week’s mind gouging torture, DEMON COP) to tell the story of a semi naked worm eating martial arts mullet who dispatches a band of hugely inept manhunting mercenaries armed only with a fruit knife when in fact what you should be laughing at is yourself.
(We will be presenting not the highly presentable and restored Bluray release but in fact a tired and only just watchable analogue tape copy to enhance your experience.)