What happens when the Starbody Health Spa's neon sign suffers an electrical attack by a vengeful ghost from beyond the grave? You get a DEATH SPA!

Ulster Film Office, in it’s tireless and simultaneous efforts to both assist in the destruction of 21st Century society’s crippling state of body dysmorphia and also to gain an audience by jumping on the internet’s unending and nauseating vapo(u)r aesthetic bandwagon is proud to announce it’s screening of DEATH SPA, Michael Fischa’s sublime, liminal and utterly unfrightening horror thriller about beautiful young women dressed in tight neon lycra being murdered in a MIAMI VICE themed health spa by an unseen transgender supernatural force psychically connected  to a hugely implausible fitnesss computer.

Warning – this film contains sustained use of leg warmers, the colour violet, exquisitely anachronistic quotable nonsense-speak and the Simmons SDS 7 drum kit.

A 30min aerobic workout will precede this screening. Bring your own towels, carob cake and prune juice.