Kubricks jet-black satire with a host of superb comic performances (including three from Peter Sellers)

In 1964, with the Cuban Missile Crisis fresh in viewers’ minds, the Cold War at its frostiest, and the hydrogen bomb relatively new and frightening, Kubrick dared to make a film about what could happen if the wrong person pushed the wrong button — and played the situation for laughs.

Glentilt Youth Group

Glentilt Youth Group came up with a short and very evocative film about pushing barriers, changing perceptions and imagining a different future. The hospitality of the people taking part comes through at all times and offers a more positive vision for the area. The film was created by Zhenia Mahdi-Nau as part of a Summer School with Glentilt Youth Group.

The Other North

Jesse Presley Jones.2013. Based on research around the Demilitarised Zone between North and South Korea and archival footage from Northern Ireland, The Other North looks at psychological resolutions in conflict zones. Using transcripts of conflict resolution therapy sessions carried out in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s, Jones re-stages these sessions in Korea with eleven Korean actors.

About Invisible Barriers: Moving Images

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